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Ramsbottom School of Motoring              Tel. 07941 858806

Driving lessons with Ramsbottom School of Motoring

We want you to pass your driving test first time. Test standards are high and it is not easy to pass first time.  To give you the best chance of doing just that and to give ther best value for money;


  • We recommend one and a half or two hour lessons - this will give you the best value for money and reduce your learning period.
  • All your lessons will have a clear objective - no driving around aimlessly
  • We will encourage you to ask questions - if you are not clear about something it's the easiest way of learning
  • You will haver the option of booking a regular weekly lesson - that will give you continuity and increase your chance of a 1st time pass.
  • When you are coming to test standard you will drive in Rochdale and Bolton - it will give you confidence to see just how well you can drive in a strange town.
  • Mock tests - you need to do at least two or three to find out exactly what a driving test feels like before you take the actual test.  It's not as scary as you think!!

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